Newsom's Vidalia Onion and Peppercorn Dressing

One day for lack of a descent marinate in the house, Nancy came up with †his oriental combination marinate that proved highly successful. It is great for chicken, but particularly pork chops before placing on the grill.


3/4 Cup Vidalia Onion Peppercorn dressing

1/4 cup light brown sugar

4 tablespoons La Choy or other soy sauce

Additional tablespoons of soy sauce may be used for a further oriental flavor. Suit your taste.

Mix well together. Pour into a baking dish with fresh uncooked pork chops. Refrigerate if time permits.

The longer they are marinated the tastier they wil be.

Lift pork chops from the marinate and grill or broil.


Combine Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Dressing or Vidalia Onion Viinagrette Dressing with garden fresh brocolli, cauliflower and other raw vegetables to your liking.

Both make a great vegetable marinate.