Experience the same exquisite old world flavor that generations of ham connoisseurs have savored through ancient preparation methods. Newsom's unique artisan prosciutto style ham stands out as one of a kind -- more than a step above hams resulting from a highly commercialized method of prosciutto production.

Old World? ... This product comes from a family recipe honed and held through the centuries and passed down to the Newsom family of today from a family will dating to the 1700s as the Newsoms moved from the Virginia colony into the Carolinas and across the Appalachians to claim a land grant in the Kentucky frontier.

A dry cure, coupled with time and natural temperatures, creates a flavor seldom experienced today. Cured only in limited number, the handcrafted processing of our Newsom's select ham involves salt, a small amount of brown sugar and a slight hint of hickory smoke. There are no chemical additives.

Newsom's prosciutto ham undergoes many months of aging while acquiring its rosy glow.

Our Gourmet Aged Prosciutto Hams have been handcrafted to provide a flavor like that of Old World Italy.

The cure of these hams is an art form, bringing together an age-old family formula, an ancient process, painstaking individual care for each ham and all the conditions that nature has to offer.

Connoisseurs of fine foods have said that our aged ham has properties reminiscent of the spec ham of northern Italy and prosciutto from the Italian provinces. It has been compared with hams from those acorn-fed black foot hogs. Yet, Newsom's prosciutto ham has a character all its own and a flavor that will compare favorably with any natural air-cured ham the world over.

Our prime cuts provide a product that is easily shaved. The ham is groomed to be slicer ready. Newsom's Gourmet Aged Prosciutto Ham Crudo is $34.99 per pound.

(If the exact weight is not available, a piece that is closest to that weight will be shipped and cost may vary according to the price per pound.)

Our personalized gift card may always be included.

Feel free to call (270-365-2482) for additional information. We invite your inquiry.

Prepared by an Old World Process...Newsom's Prosciutto features the complexity of flavors derived from a natural, ambient cure, Kentucky summers and a tradition of centuries.

Our prosciutto is best sliced or shaved against grain, which creates a melt-in-the-mouth delight of complex aged flavors, even at this young age.

Newsom's prosciutto, as does fine wine or aged Kentucky whiskey, only improves with age.

This piece is deboned, ready for carving or your home meat slicer.

Prosciutto Boneless Portion ... 18-20 months oldUNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

3 to 4.5 pounds$148.45
Premium Aged Prosciutto SlicedUNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME 19-20 month old Premium Aged Prosciutto style ham

1 pound$34.99

12-13 pounds$168.87

13-14 pounds$181.86