Our Famous
"Preacher Ham"
Smoky Gourmet

Experience the unique flavor of our Gourmet BBQ Ham. The alternate to our Aged Country Ham, the Gourmet BBQ Ham is milder and has less salt content than our cured aged ham. Newsom’s Gourmet BBQ Ham has been sold through the doors of our historic country store for over 60 years.

For those on low sodium diets or those who find the aged country ham not suited to their taste, our Gourmet BBQ Ham is the ham of choice for you. A ham that is prepred by us and then simmered on a hickory pit for long hours, the smoky flavor provides a delicious alternative to even the popular honey-baked style hams. While the ham is prepared by a Newsom recipe developed over 60 years ago, the BBQ ham contains MSG and is not a nitrate free product.

For any holiday dinner as a platter compliment or in sandwiches, the Gourmet BBQ Ham is a delightful treat for all. Unlike fresh pit BBQ, the Gourmet BBQ Ham is a versatile choice and suitable for picnics and outings, or formal buffets and exquisite holiday dining.

With a unique flavor all its own, this is an alternative to the honey hams sold across the nation, and in this region, it has been nicknamed the “Preacher Ham” — just about the best meal you can find to serve the preacher for Sunday dinner.

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These large hams are available Bone-In.

This cooked meat is Ready-To-Eat...

DEAR CUSTOMER: Hams will be sent at the weights offered below as available. Occasionally substitutions will be made of a slightly smaller or larger ham and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Smoky Gourmet BBQ Ham 15-17 lbs. (Bone-in)$149.99
Smoky Gourmet BBQ Ham Dinner Size Halves 7-9 pounds (bone-in)$89.99