Click to enlargeMy Dear Friends,

Today in the world of changing technology and business practices, owners seek to serve their customers in ways that not always accomodate them best. Often changes lose the business or the product's primary individuality. At Newsom's Old Mill Store we are all about conducting business more traditionally. Yes, technology has its place and so do attempts to improve products, but the curing process of Colonel Bill Newsom's Aged Hams has remained unchanged. We still maintain a flavor not found by quick cure, commercial means.

“The lost art,” it is. Starting the curing process during the coldest months of winter, allowing the hot temperatures of summer to enable the ham to age and attain its rich, red color has become a curing tradition of the past. As the daughter of a man who was quite “homespun” himself, I tend to hold to the methods of our forefathers, folklore, history itself. Each year we reinact historic tradition with our curing practices. So unique is our product that we feel that only a LIMITED NUMBER of hams should be cured each year to preserve the quality. Sold ONLY RETAIL, we feel that our aged country hams are as unique and refined -- and truly more rare -- as the top dollar Gourmet Italian Prosciutto ham.

We offer to you the best of what Newsom’s Old Mill Store has in stock, many items very helpful in chosing gifts for those persons with everything. The son of a very wealthy and prominent man called one day to order a ham for Father's Day. He said that his father had everything except one of Colonel Bill's Aged Hams. Next day my Father's Day ad read, “For the man who has everything but........” and you know the rest.

For country meat lovers, our hickory smoked bacon and sausage will wake you up to breakfast. Our fine cured ham, also great for breakfast and as a versatile delicacy by candlelight in the evening.

Local artisans add to the atmospere of our nostalgic store. We offer to you a sampling of the work of our unique Kentucky flavor through our local artists and writers, as well as our popular country and gourmet gift baskets. More than twenty years' experience in the gift basket and gourmet food industry has enabled us to seldom displease our customers. Our hope is that we may be of service to you the way that tradition has always been...customer first, and done so in our homespun way handed down through generations of the Newsom family business of quality.

I appreciate your patronage to those of you who have supported our 90 YEAR OLD BUSINESS through the years with your orders and friendship, and for newcomers, “Welcome to our country store and service of old.” Thank you for your time and attention to our selections. We hope to hear from you soon.


Nancy…The Colonel’s Daughter and now known as "The Ham Lady"

...Newsom's established in business January 1, 1917 by H.C. Newsom, Nancy's grandfather...

(The photos on this page are Nancy at the door of historic Newsom's Old Mill Store on Main Street in Princeton and, from Connoisseur magazine, Col. Bill Newsom, bathed in the glow of the smokehouse haze while holding one of those prized aged Kentucky country hams. The Connoisseur photo was taken by D. Gorton.)